Created with TaskStreamI Am A Flag


1 point

3 points

5 points


Read poem,
mark and look up challenging words, make notes about the poem in the margin.

Little highlighting
Few vocab words circled/defined
Limited insight or proof of poem analysis

Some highlighting
Vocabulary words are circled, but not defined
Some insight into the deeper meaning of the text

Appropriate highlighting
Vocabulary words are marked and defined
Thoughtful insight into the meaning of the poem


Use of creative elements to make a flag that represents them individually.

Student put little or no creativity into the flag.
Students did not defend the choices they made for flag characteristics.

Students put some creative thought into making the flag.
Some characteristics are defended.

Students created the flag using meaningful colors and features.
Students defended the reasons they added certain characteristics.


Create a 3-4 line stanza in the first person point of view, similar to the style of the poem

Student wrote fewer than 3 lines in the stanza.
Student did not follow the first person style.
Student writing did not match the flag
Student has many mistakes in the writing, such as grammatical errors and misspellings.

Student wrote about 3 lines.
Student mostly followed the first person style of writing.
Student used vocabulary that mostly matched the flag.
Student had some grammatical and/or misspelled words.

Student met expectations by writing 3-4 (or more) lines.
Students followed the first person style of writing.
Students used creative text that matched content of the flag.
Students had few mistakes.



Students needed to be redirected during the lesson.
Student was off-task during independent learning.
Student needed to be spoken to about behavior.

Student was mostly on task during the lesson.
Student maintained a mostly positive attitude during independent instruction.
Student followed most of the classroom rules.

Student remained on task and focused during the lesson.
Student had a positive attitude.
Student was willing to share and help others.
Student followed directions and classroom rules.