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Created with TaskStream Sea Creature Poetry

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All Standards:
1 Point 3 Points 5 Points Score/Level
Student did little to no research on the topic.
Research was incomplete.
Student had some research.
Research collected is not meaningful.
Student has only a few facts about the animal.
Student had plenty of research.
Student found information that defined the characteristics of the animal.
Student had ample information to write an informative poem, using accurate facts.
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Poem Content
Poem type:
Poem does not follow the format.
Poem has no meaningful information, and shows no evidence of research.
Poem contains many grammatical errors.
Poem is incomplete.
Poem mostly follows the format.
Poem has some, but not all meaningful information.
Poem shows little evidence of research.
Poem has a few grammatical errors.
Poem follows the format correctly.
Poem has meaningful and accurate information, showing evidence of research.
Poem is complete, with few grammatical mistakes.
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Final Product
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Student shows little effort in the final product.
Poem is not exhibited in the product.
Instructions are not followed.
Student shows mediocre effort.
The poem is partially seen in the final product.
Instructions are mostly followed.
Student shows creativity and effort.
The entire poem is included.
All instructions are followed.
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Presentation & Participation the Poetry Circle Student did not participate in the poetry circle.
Student showed little or no respect for peers who were presenting.
Student's presentation was serious and authentic.
Participated in the poetry circle occasionally.
Shows respect for some peers, but not all.
Presented work with some seriousness.
Student participated in the poetry circle.
Student demonstrated respect for all peers.
Student presented authentic work with seriousness.
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Professionalism Student was off task.
Student needed repeated instructions.
Student needed to be spoken to about behavioral problems.
Student was disrespectful.
Student disrupted peers and instruction.
Students were mostly on task.
Students followed directions.
Students needed some redirection.
Student shows respect.
Students causes few disruptions.
Student is always on task.
Student follows direction the first time they are given.
Student needs no redirection.
Student shows respect to all peers.
Students cause no classroom disruptions.